Rise & Shine: Voters in 13 states to consider ballot initiatives tied to education this November

TESTED Families talked about the SHSAT, used for admissions decisions at the city’s specialized high schools, prior to taking the test over the weekend, as the exam continues to be the subject of hot debate. Chalkbeat

DISPROPORTIONATE Parents from District 20 in Brooklyn expressed concern at a Community Education Council meeting about the disproportionate impact proposed changes to the admission process at the city’s specialized high schools would have on students in the district, which sends a large number of them to these schools. Bklyner

FAMILY AFFAIR In the days leading up to the specialized high school test, students talked about how they–and their families–helped them prepare for an exam that many regard as all-important. WNYC

ON THE BALLOT In November, voters will consider special ballot initiatives in 13 states that touch on education issues, ranging from education savings accounts in Arizona to whether investment properties can be taxed to raise education funds in Hawaii. The 74

FALLING SHORT The city is struggling to fill positions for special education teachers, especially those who are not given general assignments within this category, but are providing very particular services, such as speech or occupational therapy, to students. City Limits

STATE OF HEALTH Lawmakers in New York State will be reviewing physical education, health and mental health classes to see if they need revamping. U. S. News & World Report

ROLL BACK The Trump administration is looking to define gender as a biological and immutable condition determined by physical characteristics at birth, a move that could have a drastic impact on the rights and recognition of transgender people, including in schools. The New York Times


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